Athletics Summer 2022

Athletics Summer 2022

Please see below for lots of information about this season.

This is general information to a large number of people. It is NOT an indication of selection.

  • North Yorkshire Schools Athletics Champs Saturday 11th June at York
  • New this year – Inter Counties Track & Field match at Gateshead on Sat 18th June. See below.
  • The English Schools Championships are at Manchester, on Fri 8th and Sat 9th July. Travel by coach 

Thursday 7th, pm. Accommodation provided. It is compulsory to travel and stay as organised. 

Athletes can leave with parents after about 2pm Saturday, and the coach will return after the event.

Team Manager for Athletics is Adam Milner, he oversees the entries and sends out the information about the trip.    07835 447424

Dave Paver is compiling a list of potential athletes, and their performances.

Please check that you are available and let both Adam and Dave know if there is a problem.

If you achieve an Entry Standard, or are close, but did not go to English Schools last year, please email so that Adam can store the parent’s email address, and phone number, and the athlete’s school and date of birth. If you went last year and the email, school, or phone number have changed, please send the new info.

THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT FOR NOW (well, apart from you checking your availability)

Having the Entry Standard (website, T&F picture, Current Standards, ES column) does not guarantee selection. North Yorkshire has 40 places in the ESAA Championships, and we can select them as we think fit. 

We will NOT fill all 40 places unless we feel the athletes are suitable standard for this Championships.

The Entry Standards help us compare different events and Age Groups. But if more than 40 athletes get the Entry Standard, we will have to leave some behind. We can select athletes without the Entry Standard if we wish (even putting them ahead of athletes with the Entry Standard if we choose). Every County has a limit on their number of athletes, but other Counties may select their team differently.  

To reassure you that we know about your performance, a check list will be on   

This is not a Selection list. It is your responsibility to ensure the list is up to date.

For your performances, we take them from Power of 10. So, if it is wrong there, please try to get it corrected (though they won’t change YDL performances until the League change the official results, which can be very difficult to achieve). If you have a concern or can not get an error corrected, let Dave know.

We are mainly considering performances since mid-April. In some cases, we might consider earlier results.

The officiating / validity of performances is considered carefully. If there are no wind readings for sprints / jumps we may consider any information we have about conditions at that venue. 

Performances at Area Trials are not considered as the officiating in some events is not accurate.

Performances in the Schools Cup can be considered if we are confident in the officiating of your event. 

As it is our own Championships, results at the North Yorkshire Schools on 11th June may have particular significance. In general, you must do your English Schools choice event there. 3000m runners may be exempted from this (to do a shorter event). Or if you are the only competitor entered.

Juniors and Inters wishing to be considered for English Schools are expected to compete in the North Yorkshire Schools.

Relay teams (4 x 100) at English Schools are made up from athletes already selected in individual events. This sometimes requires using non-sprinters, and we do not have a Relay team in every age group.

The first selections for the ESA Nationals will be about 14th June. Most places will be selected then, and the list will go on the website soon after. If you have any performances not on Po10, or you think we might have missed, you are welcome to send them to Dave. Particularly any events on 12th or 13th June.

Some places will be kept back for performances between 14th and 20th June, which should be emailed to Dave immediately. The remaining places will then be announced soon after.

After that we can not change the Entry, so if you tell us the next day you are not available / are injured you have cost another athlete a place and we have spent £100 on you. So please keep us informed of any problem.

We are aware of the dates and selection arrangements for the European Under 18 Championships. Those who gain an entry standard for this, please discuss with us.

Please do your part by making sure that Adam Milner has your contact details.

Please raise any problems or ask questions now.  Adam and Andy Rickard will be at the North Yorks Schools but will be busy watching athletes / results and trying to find athletes who have done well but we do not have contact details for. Dave will be organising and officiating and not available for general info or discussion.

After that it is very busy until the entry goes in on 21st June. The timetable is not done until after the entry closes so in many cases it is not possible to say which day your event is on until after the entry closes.  

Inter County Match – Gateshead – Sat 18th June. This is for Junior (Year 8 and 9) and Inter (Year 10 and 11) but we may be able to send a few Seniors close to Entry Standard in certain cases.

The first 2 in the County Championships will be selected and receive the information and reply link on the NYSAA website, on the day. Athletes can only do 2 events at Gateshead (but 3 at York) so anyone qualifying in 3 will need to decide.

Gateshead is parental transport. While it is nice if athletes can stay and support, it is not compulsory to be there for the whole meeting. It is not compulsory to compete at Gateshead to be considered for English Schools. However, this will give selected athletes to compete at a world class stadium in a high standard competition, as well as earn your County Vest and be offered the opportunity to purchase a county tie. For those on the Entry Standard borderline it is a very good competitive opportunity as we will compete against Cumbria, Northumberland, Durham and Cleveland. 

Dave Paver     01937 581165 

Adam Milner  07835 447424

Andrew Rickard 07736547907