County Champs Timetable and Information

County Champs Timetable and Information

As of Saturday morning 7.00am the entry sheet is now closed. For any late entries or withdrawals please email

Event Timetable

North Yorks Schools 2021 Final
Track time is the time the race starts.Field time is the time to report to event.
report to start area 10 minutes beforeSeniors compete with Inters.
entries entriesteam
11.451500 St ChaseInter Boys211.30Junior Girls Long Jump11c
12.00300 hurdlesInter Girls511.45Pole Vault3a
400 hurdlesInter Boys211.45Boys High Jump4d
12.15800mBoys 1212.20Discus7b
12.30200mInter/Sen Boys712.45Inter/S Girls Long Jump7a
Junior Boys6 Junior Boys Long Jump3
Inter/Sen Girls6 
Junior Girls7 
12.551500 St ChaseGirls21.00Inter Sen Boys Javelin5b
1.10Sprint HurdlesJunior Girls9 
Inter Girls51.30Girls High Jump9c
Junior Boys21.30Junior Girls Javelin8d
Inter Boys51.40Inter Boys Long Jump4a
1.401500mBoys101.45Junior & Inter Boys Shot3b
Girls12andInter Girls Shot1
2.05100mInter/Sen Boys62.20Inter Girls Javelin4a
Junior Boys6andJunior Boys Javelin4
Inter/Sen Girls8 
Junior Girls102.20Junior Girls Shot7c
Girls1Any Field Eventers with a clash can compete in
a different age group of their event.
2.45300m Junior Boys4
Inter Girls6
Junior Girls6

North Yorkshire Schools Athletics Event, 13 June 21, information

York University track, YO10 5NA. Sports Centre, opposite Fulford Golf Club. Not the Sports Village near the Park & Ride. Last weekend there were long road delays on many roads round York.

We will accept 2 parents with an athlete, but not extra family groups. 

UKA coaches allowed in addition, bring your pass. No dogs in the stadium.

Entry lists will go on

If you are not able to come, or wish to withdraw or change an event, please contact   Our officiating lists will not be printed until Saturday evening, it will help to know. 

If your athlete is coming for only one event, you are welcome to add another to make the journey worthwhile, as long as they can compete competently / safely at this level, doesn’t matter if not got exact Entry Guide. 

BUT not Junior Girls Long Jump, or any Discus / Javelin as they have all we can cope with.

Please email by Fri night to ask for another event. You can’t just add an event on the day.

High jump will open at 1.25m, or 1.35m for the Inter Boys. 

Many entrants are much higher than the entry guide There will be some good high jumping. 

Parking in the big car park on right as you get into campus, and ahead as you drive beside the track. NOT turning left towards Sports Centre. 

There is QR code at entrance, if not using this, you need to register at the Numbers tent. If you are the parent named on the athlete entry form completed online, we have your details. If not (i.e. you are a second parent) we need to record you.

No refreshments on sale and no shops nearby, so please come prepared with food and drink.

You may like to bring a copy of the event timetable to follow what is happening. The PA system is not good and can’t be heard from the grass areas.

Enter through the little gate on left of reception. Collect athlete number in tent, please wear a mask for this bit.

£3 if doing one event, £5 if doing more than one. Please have cash and the correct change which makes it a lot easier for us. Maximum 3 events. Entry fee is free if a parent is officiating or marshalling.

Bring 8 safety pins for numbers.

If you have own throwing equipment, please bring it. But there will be usual lending out equipment.

Own equipment does not need weighing in, unless you claim any records etc, then it will be weighed.

No starting blocks to borrow but can use your own.

Athletes can run in a club or school vest or other appropriate athletics kit, this is the county champs.

Parents can sit in the stand but must ensure they are 2 metres minimum apart from other households. You are very welcome to sit on the grass banking, which is certainly more covid friendly. Please spread out on the grass bank. You may wish to bring chair / rug as there is lots of goose faeces!

No parents on the route behind timekeepers stand, by pavilion, path behind high jump and cage. NO ACCESS.

No standing on the path in front of the stand. We are allowing 2-way walking, so no room to stand to watch long jump or sprints. Parents can sit in the stand to watch. But path is for walking only, please do not obstruct the path.

Some track events will have 2 heats, these will be based on standard. They will run only once, not have a final. There is generally a very good standard, much higher than an ordinary “Open Meeting”.

We only have 1 girl in the mixed 3000, good but the boys are going to be a lot faster. Anyone able to pace at 80 secs a lap / 10m15 pace? Probably an 800m runner or steeplechaser as the 1500 only has 45 mins recovery.

Field events will be 4 trials, then 2 more for those who have reached the English Schools County Standard (to help those getting near to National Qualification). But the County Standard is quite hard, in most events only 1 or 2 will reach it, and maybe no one.

If your athlete is newer / inexperienced, this is a good chance to observe some good standard athletes of their own age. Junior Girls Long Jump and Hurdles will be 2 in particular.

Warm up is on the back straight when it is not being used for an event in lanes 300m / 400m.

Access this by walking around the outside of fence to 200m start. Also, to access 200m and 3000m.

Athletes for 400m, 800m, 300m, 1500m, high jump, discus, hammer can go behind timekeepers stand and past pavilion. Keep walking. You are welcome to access these events from the back straight / 1500m start if you are in that area. Javelin access is from the Water Jump end.

Athletes for 100m, hurdles and long jump can go onto the track at the 100m start. Please do not congregate in the area (by the exit) unless waiting to get onto the track to race.

If the long jump is in the right-hand pit, finish line end, athletes can get to that through the gap by the pit which is generally No Entry or from the 100m start end.

No certificates or awards due to covid.

Results will be posted on and will be emailed to those who filled in an entry system.

We are not allowed to display results, but will try to put on the website during the day if we can.

And they will be on website and emailed round the same evening.

Results will go on

The North Yorkshire Schools Athletics Association will then look at entries, in conjunction with the requirements, for the ESAA Nationals and will be in touch with athletes and parents as required with the necessary information. The top 16 (English, entered by their County) according to the power of 10 will be invited to attend the ESAA nationals.

Please continue to visit the NYSAA website for up-to-date information.


  • Athletes should complete a Covid test on the morning of the event. If positive, do not attend
  • It is advisable for all other attendees to complete a Covid test prior to the event
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you
  • Bring a mask 
  • It is extremely important that you continually observe the social distancing rules at all times
  • Only take part if fit and healthy to do so
  • Do not attend the event if you have been unwell or are self-isolating in the last 10 days 
  • Let your club, school and/or coach know if you are returning to activity from a COVID-19 infection
  • Ensure you have enough food and hydration for the competition
  • No socialising before, during or after the event
  • Do not congregate before or after an event, or at the finish line
  • Inform the Covid coordinator if you have a positive test, up to three days after the event

The event organiser is Dave Paver, NYSAA Secretary, and the Covid Coordinator for the event will be Andrew Rickard, NYSAA Chairman.    Event contact