Inter County XC Saturday 3rd February 2024

Inter County XC Saturday 3rd February 2024

Stewart Park, Ladgate Lane, Middlesbrough. Opposite TS4 3SL, near the traffic lights that turn you into Middlesbrough track – attempts to get postcode or street from the internet send you to the wrong entrance where there is no parking and it is a long way back round.

There is parking in the park, but if it fills use the Sports Village /Track car park. Only about 500m away and there is a gate / gap into the park at the lights to make the walk shorter.

Dogs are allowed. There is a cafe but it will be busy. There is also a cafe and more toilets in the Museum (where it says Steps on the map), only 400m.

Good toilets in the main courtyard, but there will be a queue when people are arriving.

12.45Inter Girls2 long laps3650m
12.55 before girls finishInter Boys3 medium laps4500m
1.20Year 7 Boys1 short + 1 medium lap2500m
1.27  before boys finishYear 7 Girls1 short + 1 medium lap2500m
1.45Junior Boys1 medium + 1 long3300m
1.55  before boys finishJunior Girls1 medium + 1 long3300m
2.15Senior Girls 2 long laps3650m
2.25  before girls finishSenior Boys3 long laps5500m

Start and finish sections are running anti clockwise – medium lap is the main red line with arrows

Start and finish are near the black post in front of car park