Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the competition the athlete has entered, NYSAA will request specific data which is required for that competition. The data will only be used by NYSAA for the purpose specified. This may also include the pathway of the competition with NYSAA passing information to the ESAA.

By providing the data we assume that you are consenting for us to use it as we have described for the purposes of the specific competition and its pathway. We will not pass data to other additional parties unless this is requested as a result of selection for further related events such as the school games.

Once used the data will be deleted when it is no longer relevant for the purpose for which it was collected. However, some data will be held to allow us to contact you again for future competitions and also to enable NYSAA to create archived records of the competition, such as name, age group, event, school and district.

For further information please contact us.